Custom Commissions

The Process

Simple and flexible 🙂 Prices in the FAQ below!

1. Contact me

Send me your ideas by Email: or complete the Contact Form or DM Instagram: @maobyart

2. Details Maoby

2. Planning

Let's talk about the best options for that and details to be included in the artwork, to hide like Easter Eggs

3. Payment Maoby

3. Payment

See the FAQ below for more information.

4. Sketch Maoby

4. Sketch

I will share you the sketch with the Easter Eggs

5. Painting Maoby

5. Painting

You can see the process to make desired adjustments.

6. Shipping Maoby

6. Shipping

Once ready, I pack it with some goodies and ship it to its new home.

Frequent Asked Questions

All artworks are tax included

Delivery Cost: free for orders over 80€, orders below:

  • 6,10€ to Spain
  • 11€ rest of European countries

The artwork is sold with a certificate of authenticity by Maoby.

Non framed

By the moment I only send artworks to the following European countries, if yours is not on the list, we can see other options:

Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia, Greece, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania.

See shipping policy and refund policy for more information.

All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist, so it is forbidden to generate income or benefits from the work such as commercializing it as a postcard, advertising guidelines, photocopies or merchandising based on the work.

Once we agree in all the details, I’ll send you the invoice with the payment link. You can choose between debit/credit card, PayPal or bank transfer 

Payment is made upfront unless we agree to split the payment. Take in mind that your commissioned painting won’t be shipped until it’s fully paid.

See shipping policy and refund policy for more information.

Yes. Just let me know and we’ll find the best size/price for your needs. 

For watercolours, multiply 0,190€/cm2 for the total amount of cm2, for example, if you want 25x25cm the cost will be:

25×25= 625cm2 x 0,19€= 118,75€

For acrylic painting: 0,24€/cm2

25×25= 625cm2 x 0,24€= 150€

The illustration will be a free interpretation of the reference submitted, so it is not guaranteed to be an exact reproduction of the person(s) / animals/ buildings drawn.

The people drawn will have closed eyes, this is part of the illustration style.

2 rounds of minor adjustments are allowed once I send the sketch.

Custom artwork is a unique and non-transferable piece, so no returns are allowed.

See shipping policy and refund policy for more information.

On average:

  • 15 days for watercolors and
  • 30 days for acrylics

For the whole process: we talk, plan, I paint, we talk again, make changes if needed, dry time, certificate, goodies, packing and shipping 🙂

But this can be adjusted to your needs. If we’re in a hurry and I have time, I can finish a commission much sooner!

See shipping policy and refund policy for more information.

If you are looking for something different we can talk about it:

  • Murals
  • Big size
  • Customize clothes or other things

Just send me an Email: 

Talk to me

I´m not a big corporation, don´t hesitate to talk and ask me everything you want, I will be delighted to help you