Hey Hi!

Since I was very young I felt interested in learning and educating myself in the world of painting with different techniques, acrylic, watercolour and above all oil painting.

It was in high school when something inside me clicked, and I started to draw doodles, a mental game where I had to fill each empty space with shapes, my own chaos, starting to appear patterns and repetitive shapes.
Those doodles started to become part of me, a style of my own, a feeling that I loved because it wasn’t copying a painting or trying to transfer a picture to a canvas, those lines and that chaos was something personal, with its own style, they were my MaoDesigns.

I graduated with a double degree in Business Administration and Marketing, my incursions with my drawings continued to develop, up to the point of developing my Bachelor’s Degree Thesis with the launch and implementation of this MAOBY project, with its marketing plan and business strategy.

I was still too young to start my own project, first I wanted and needed to learn more. I also wanted to live outside Spain, and I was lucky to have been able to open my mind and find inspiration by working in places like London and Germany and visiting many other places and continents, such as North America, Africa, China and most of Europe.

I am originally from Madrid, Spain, but I fell in love with Valencia when I went to a camp in the city when I was 12 years old and over time I have managed to come and enjoy this beautiful city. After 5 years as a marketing manager for a company, I decided to take the plunge and give myself the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and develop MAOBY.

I try to create works that can inspire the viewer in some way, I like narrative and visual games, so I try to include it in my MaoDesigns to bring dynamism and a touch of contextual creativity.

I work on different collections with which I always feel very inspired but if you are thinking about a different project we can chat and discuss it without any problem.

Thanks for taking the time to read me!